Office of the Peoples lawyer



OPL’s vision is to become the leading organisation in promoting a fair and just society through the provision of court representation, law reform contributions and community legal education on human rights and the rule of law.


The mission of the OPL is to provide free, accessible, quality and timely legal aid to the disadvantaged people of Kiribati including law reform contributions and community legal education on human rights and the rule of law.


  • Justice
  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Excellence  
  • Professional 
  • Ethical
  • Fairness and equity

Watch the OPL Awareness Film

This short film will teach about OPL’s services, how to book an appointment with our Office and give you a basic understanding of how a mediation works and the mediation services OPL provide. 

our head of Departments

Raweita Beniata


Mr Beniata is the Director. He is the head of the office and has been serving at OPLS since 2010. Mr Beniata is a strong and humble person. He helps ensure all the OPL staff work to the best of their ability.


Deputy Director


Office Manager

The Services We Provide

OPL provide free legal assistance and representation to all disadvantage people in Kiribati across a range of legal areas including criminal law, family law and domestic violence, land law and civil law.

In addition to providing legal advice, OPL also offers a range of other services including:
- Mediation Services
- Statutory Declaration Drafting
- Community Legal Education

For more information on the services we provide please click the following link or visit us at our main office in Betio.

Working Environment

The working environment at OPL is fantastic. There is compassion, respect, understanding between all OPL Staff. All the staff work as a team to ensure we provide the best service to our client’s. 

Our Library

Our Office has an ever growing law library. The library is regularly used by our lawyers and paralegals to guarantee they provide the most up to date and relevant legal advice to our client’s.